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KP Consulting focuses on training and growing women across the country as they work to reach their pageant, personal and professional goals. Kaetlin Parent, founder of KP Consulting has been coaching women in pageantry since 2009. She began her pageant career at the age of 6 and instantly fell in love with the industry. She has held multiple
titles throughout the New England region, most notably: Miss Maine USA 2008 and Miss Maine Teen USA 2005. Kaetlin and previous KP Consulting client, Julia Scaparotti, Miss Massachusetts USA 2017, joined KP Consulting in 2018 to help women achieve their dreams as KP Consulting has helped her achieve her own. Kaetlin and Julia are dedicated to each one of their clients and there is nothing more that we believe in than helping women, cheering for women, praying for women, sharing with women, and EMPOWERING women.