Robert Hare

Robert Hare

Alexandra Marcello

“Working with K.P. Consulting has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. This was my 3rd year competing for the title of Miss New Hampshire USA and my first year working with Kaet and Julia. I first reached out to K.P. Consulting in the beginning of 2018 when I was applying to be a Patriots Cheerleader. The two welcomed me to the K.P. family with open arms and guided me through every step of the audition process where I landed my very own spot in the prestigious bootcamp. After my Patriots journey I looked to K.P. Consulting to coach me as I competed for the title of Miss New Hampshire USA. I worked with the K.P. ladies for a total of 6 hours “in office”, and about one hundred hours via supportive texts and phone calls. There was never a doubt in my mind that Julia and Kaet had my success as their first priority. These ladies go above and beyond the title of a coach, I even had the honor of borrowing Julia’s Miss USA Emerald earing (I know!). They were the truthful critics when I needed to get my butt in gear, my glamourous compliment givers when I needed to keep my confidence high, and my reassuring friends when I needed to talk to someone who understood the experience of being a pageant girl. All of our hard work paid off and I placed the highest I have yet, Second Runner up!”

Justin Hammond Photography  Sea Glam

Justin Hammond Photography

Sea Glam

Ashley Cunningham

"Where do I even start! I could write a novel telling you about how amazing these two are, but I’ll try and keep it short. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for Julia and Kaet. Within the past year I was one of the lucky few to have been offered an interview for the Patriots Cheerleader position, signed with my first modeling agency, and placed top 10 at Miss New Hampshire USA 2019. Always answering my frantic calls and texts asking for advice, teaching me the ropes of a pageant walk, and overall just preparing me with the tools I needed for success in all areas of my life. They are far from just my coaches, they’re the big sisters I always wanted, my biggest fans, my inspiration, and my role models. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for me. All I know is that with these ladies by my side anything is possible!"

Creative Sparks Imagery

Creative Sparks Imagery

Yara fawaz

“I competed in the Miss teen Massachusetts USA pageant in the fall of 2018. This was my first pageant and I’m so proud to say I had made it into the top 16! I definitely could not have done it without KP consulting. Ever since I met Kaet and Julia, I could tell they knew so much about stage presence. The last week before pageant weekend, I decided to schedule a walking lesson. I contacted Kaet right away and she was so flexible with openings and made sure I was able to learn the walking techniques. Along with walking, Kaet also helped make me feel comfortable for my interview. Although I wish I had done a few more lessons, she made sure I left feeling confident and beautiful! I can’t thank you guys enough for all the help and support through the pageant weekend and this is certainly an unforgettable journey!”


Franchesca nival

“Working with K.P Consulting really helped me step out of my comfort zone! They gave me so much support, and pushed me every step of the way! I honestly felt like a queen already just by working with them! Knowing Kaet, and Julia were by my side honestly made everything so much easier! I placed top 10 at Miss NH USA 2019, and without their help I wouldn’t have made it that far! If I ever needed anything they were one text/call away! It didn’t even have to be pageant related, even as a friends to talk they’d be there! Honestly the best coaching experience I’ve had thus far, and wouldn’t trade them for the world! I’d highly recommend working with K.P consulting to lead you to the road to success in the world of pageantry any day! Thank yo so much for everything you ladies have done for me!”


nicolette meyer

“When I first decided to compete for Miss Massachusetts Teen USA I contacted many coaches looking for help. Kaet and Julia immediately stood out, they immediately called me and I booked package A. They are two wonderful ladies who taught me how to show my personality through my walk and stage presence. I had never done a pageant before and yet never felt as confident as I did on stage. Both were always there whenever I needed help wether through text, call or appointment. I learned amazing interview skills from them that I will use for the rest of my life. I did not win the crown but I won the Pageantry Spirit award, and I won two amazing new people in my life. So thank you so much for helping me discover something I love.”

2019 Miss MA USA-4580.jpg

nicole eacuello

“Working with Kaet + Julia to prepare for the Miss Massachusetts USA pageant was one of the best decisions I have ever made! These two go beyond consulting – they will be your biggest cheerleaders, number one fans, sisters, and friends forever. They are life coaches + will do whatever they can to help you feel empowered and ready to conquer whatever challenge life throws at you. While I had initially booked time with these ladies to work on my runway walk and interview preparation, I left each session feeling an immense amount of confidence – something I will carry with me for the rest of my life.”


Abigail carnevale

“KP Consulting guided me through my first pageant experience and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. I started my pageant journey the end of April and that gave me about 6 months to prepare. From there, I met with Kaet and Julia twice a month working on everything you could ever imagine. They gave me advice on how to walk, talk, stand, and style! They were there for me from the start; believing in me and empowering me to stay true to myself through this journey. With this being my first pageant ever, I never owned makeup in my past and they supported me and most importantly gave me their honest opinion on everything. They wanted me to succeed and they showed that. At Miss MA USA 2019, I was awarded the Spirit Award and I am beyond grateful for this and all the opportunities in my future because of the skills and knowledge I was presented with from KP Consulting.”


aria rich

“I wish I had started working with KP Consulting sooner! Working with them has truly been a rewarding investment. Pageant coaching not only helps you become more polished for your pageants, but in life in general. With the tools I’ve learned in coaching, I’m able to apply them to job interviews, and when communicating and working with people in my career. It builds your confidence for on stage and off the stage in everyday life. Working as an Entertainment and NFL/NBA on-camera host, I attribute my success to the confidence I’ve built through pageant coaching. I’ve worked with Kaet for two State Pageants, California USA and New Hampshire USA. She is very organized and takes her time with you. I never felt rushed during appointments. KP Consulting truly cares about each and every client and I love how welcomed I felt the minute walking through the door. My coaching sessions greatly improved my performance and confidence during pageant weekend. I received guidance with wardrobe and styling, walking and choreographing my on-stage walking patterns, and mock interview training. Kaet and Julia thoroughly work with you and your background to help highlight and focus on your strengths to be able to talk about them during your interview.  Additionally, the support system you get from KP Consulting is amazing! They genuinely build a relationship and friendship with each client and are there for you each step of the way. I wouldn’t have been able to get through pageant weekend without them!” 


rachel miller

“Competing in a pageant isn’t just a weekend affair. It’s a full blown eye opening, vulnerable, emotional roller coaster, figuring out what makes you , you journey. I’ve worked with KP consulting for the last 2 years. You need KP consulting in your life if you’re going to compete. They take the time to help you open up and truly define yourself. Which is your key to being confident during pageant weekend. They are there when you have highest highs and your lowest of lows and they get you through it. I booked package A this time around which meant I had absolute full support from them. Everything from random texts about my personal life, to which pants should I buy to go with my arrival outfit top. Many things go into preparation, having them in your court is a must. You don’t just develop a client coach relationship, it’s a true bond.”


phoebe collins

“I recently competed in Miss New Hampshire Teen USA in October 2018. I had the pleasure of working with Kaet and Julia, two beautiful girls inside and out. I can honestly say I wouldn’t have been half as prepared as I was, had I not worked with them. I participated in a few individual sessions, including paperwork, walking, and interview. For me, my concern was fitting the USA type, since I had never competed in the program, but many others. I felt more prepared and comfortable on stage than I had for any other pageant prior. Not only was I given critics and suggestions for stage, but also guidance with wardrobe and styling for all events leading up to the pageant. They made sure I looked and felt my absolute best at all times throughout the process, letting me use dresses, explaining outfit expectations, and more. I’m so grateful to have worked with KP consulting, because they really do know what they’re doing. My final placement was 2nd runner up, and it was the experience of a lifetime.”


gianna puopolo

“I was introduced to pageants in January 2018. I knew nothing about pageants whatsoever and I knew I was gonna need a coach. That's when I was recommended to Kp Consulting in about May. As soon a I met with Kaet and Julia they instantly made me fall in love pageants! Kaet and Julia are both the definition of queens (although they no longer wear their crowns). They both taught me everything I know about pageantry and more. They always believed in me, even when I didn't believe in myself and always reminded me that I can do it. Anything I needed help with pageant related or not they were always there! Thank you for helping me make top 16 for my first pageant ever! You aren't gonna get rid of me yet! Thank you for making me have the courage to sign with MMG models in New York also, I would have never had the confidence and courage without you both by my side! You are both truly the best people I have ever met and I am so grateful I had you both on this journey with me. You both always reminded me when I second guessed myself that I am beautiful, smart and strong. Thank you for introducing me to many girls I now get to call some of my best friends and sisters forever! I cannot thank you enough for making me feel simply, confidently beautiful!”


victoria bombino

“I had met with Kaet in 2017 where she had prepared me to compete in my first first pageant in Miss Massachusetts Teen USA pageant. I have no idea what I was doing and I needed guidance! When I had met with Kaet she was so very helpful and told me exactly what I needed to work on and or progress in. However for the pageant I did not place top 15 however that did not stop me. That following summer I had competed for Miss Teen Central Massachusetts USA and that is where I had gained that title! I was very excited and to prepare for that I had done a walking lesson with both Kaet and Julia and they both helped me be prepared for that Miss Teen Central Mass pageant and it did pay off! I was thrilled to be able to have that title and have Kaet and Julia! Recently I had competed for Miss Massachusetts Teen USA where I had met with Kaet again for a lesson where she helped me practice in my evening gown and she had really took her time with me and showed me how to be confident in my gown and show who I really am! Both of them even taught me to never give up because it does pay off and now I am happy to be able to compete again in the future with the help of Kaet and Julia! Without them I have no idea what I would of done to be a titleholder and to be able to compete at state level and be confident in myself!”

Justin Hammond Photography  Sarah SeaGlam

Justin Hammond Photography

Sarah SeaGlam

Taylor Higgins

“I met with Kaet in January of 2013 who quickly instilled in me a passion for pageantry. Less than three months later, April of 2013, I was crowned Miss Teen Massachusetts United States 2013. Kaet, alongside my mother, was the first to emerge from the audience after winning the title. Kaet’s services go beyond exceptional pageant preparation. She is a spiritual healer, a voice of reason, a motivator; an inspiration. To me, she is family. Since my reign as Miss Teen Massachusetts 2013, Kaet has prepared me for many other successes. In 2014 I became a Boston Bruins Ice Girl. It was my first time auditioning. In 2015 I began hosting a television show on NESN and in 2016 I competed, for the first time, at Miss Massachusetts USA 2017— earning a semifinalist spot in the Top 15. In 2017, after three separate rounds of auditions, I was selected as a Finalist for the New England Patriot’s Cheerleaders. Kaet exudes poise, confidence, and class and this is exactly what she delivers to her clients. She finds the best version of yourself and brings it to life. Whether I’m interviewing for a job, auditioning for a role as a public figure, or taking the stage at Miss Massachusetts USA, I will always have a piece of Kaet with me. In my mind, in my heart, and in my audience.”

EAS Photography

EAS Photography

Renata Roddy

“I first met Kaet on a whim through a mutual friend when I was told she had a hot pink Sherry Hill cocktail dress I could buy from her. I was preparing to enter my very first pageant in 2011, and I had never competed before. Kaet saw something in me and she started to prepare me for competition. She is a fantastic coach and prepped me in every aspect. From shopping for the perfect outfits/accessories for pageant weekend, to finding the perfect evening gown, interview outfit, and swimsuit- this pageant coach does it all, down to every detail. She even prepares an individualized binder with practice questions and also reviews your paperwork for competition. In addition, Kaet spent numerous hours prepping me for interview and coaching my pageant walk, poise, smile, and energy on stage. In 2011 I placed 2nd runner up at Miss MA USA and then 1st runner up in 2012. After aging out of the USA system, I competed for MA United States, and won the title of Miss MA US 2014. I then went on to nationals and placed in the top 10 at Miss United States. Kaet is knowledgeable, inspiring and kind. I owe her all my pageant success, and am blessed to say she is now a dear friend of mine.”


Krystal Muccioli

“Simply put - Kaet is the best! Although she is no longer competing, she lives her daily life with grace and confidence. She is always styled to perfection on any given day and this is exactly what she instills in you! She wants you to treat everyday as if you were about to step on stage. She wants you to eat, sleep, breathe as if you were already crowned the winner. She is tough, but loving and her approach pushes you to reach your best self possible. My favorite aspect of her training approach is how she doesn't just work on the physical aspects, but all of the internal layers. She has excellent advice on stress management and how to stay in a positive mind set throughout the whole process. At the end of the day, no matter how you place, you know you did everything you could and leave with an amazing friend. Kaet and i's friendship is one that will last a life time! Whether you are new to pageants or having been competing since you were a child- you need Kaet. I promise it will be the best decision you made!”


Rebecca Scalera

“I don't have enough good things to say about Kaet. I wish I had connected with her earlier in my pageant career. I was informed I could compete in Miss NH USA one last time when the age limit was changed about 10 weeks before the pageant. My friend referred me to Kaet and we got started right away. She is no-nonsense, strait to the point and will be there for you no matter what. She is organized and provides you with honest and helpful feedback.    She is relatable because of her past pageant wins and I'm blessed to have met her. She not only was my coach but became a close friend too. Thank you for helping me get into the top 10 my last year of competing, Kaet!”

Justin Hammond Photograph  Sarah SeaGlam

Justin Hammond Photograph

Sarah SeaGlam

Nicole vicino

“There is no better coach than Kaetlin for girls competing in the Miss USA organization. For me, Kaet was not only someone to help with my stage presence, interview answers, attire and overall look, but was also my pageant mom, older sister, best friend and confidant. She understands the process better than anyone else in the industry and knows exactly how to help.  Although I did not win the pageant I competed in, I finished feeling more confident and ready to pursue my dreams than I ever have before and I fully credit that to Kaet.”

Creative Sparks Imagery

Creative Sparks Imagery

susan tabacco (mother of Kristina)

“Thank you for introducing pageantry to my daughter, Kristina. Your knowledge and guidance helped her make a smooth transition from the dance stage to the Miss Massachusetts Teen USA stage. She would not have been able to place in the Top 15 at her first pageant without you holding her hand through the entire process. She walked away with not only a great experience, but confidence, grace, and friends. The training she received from you has prepared her for life beyond the pageant stage, too. Your interview coaching taught Kristina how to speak eloquently and to feel confident talking about her personal achievements and goals, which was helpful in preparing her for college and internship interviews. I believe her experience in pageantry and your coaching has helped her gain more confidence in herself and attain many goals, such as becoming an intern with the Boston Red Sox.”